Graduated in Mathematics by the State University of Goiás with an overall average of 9.2. Completely in love with science and technology and, especially, a computer lover. Studying a little bit of Node, React and React-native for web and mobile development and a little bit of Python and statistical for some personal projects, like understanding the statistical sampling and create vote intention survey in the next elections. And in his spare time, clown for the group Alegria Anápolis.


In my graduate course i have written my monograph in the introduction of the Variational Calculus and the Rayleigh-Ritz method using some Python scripts for make the calculations. The LaTeX source code (and the scripts) are avaliable in my GitHub profile (click here for the repository) and a online version is uploaded here (only in Brazilian Portuguese).


Professionally, I'm looking for new opportunities in the programming area. A curriculum can be found by clicking here (only in Brazilian Portuguese, for now).


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Fullstack Projects


Project created in the Next Level Week event, by Rocketseat. Some features are developed after the end of the event. The project has a back-end in Node.JS, a front-end in ReactJS and a mobile application created with React-Native.

Web Projects (Front-End)

Apollo Gallery

Project created with ReactJS to allow an better user experience in the visualization of the Apollo Program images gallery. The project has a scraper and a front-end in ReactJS accessing the scraped data in an GitHub repository.

Image Comparer

Component created in Vanilla JavaScript, without production dependencies, to allow the comparison between two versions of an same image.


Tool created to allow loading icons from LibreICONS directly from the original repository on GitHub using the JsDelivr CDN in web page runtime.

Projetos Desktop


Software developed, using the Electron, to filling in information about the mood of a people along a year.